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Hi everyone - I'm very sorry if this is not allowed :-)

I'm here to promote a new community, atozmixtape. We hope to recreate the glory days of mixtapes with an online twist by making our very own, user decided mixtape that everyone can download once it is completed, made up of the best artists and bands from A-Z. Featuring whatever the hell you want, from Andy Williams to The Zutons, it should be a hell of a lot of fun and produce a really excellent end result :D

Please join up and participate so that your favourites can make it onto the mix!


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I'm not sure if there's still interest or if people still have this on their friends page, but I'd like to get together and exchange CDs again once the fall semester starts. Hopefully everyone had a great summer. Please respond here and post if you're interested - if so, we will have another scheduling meeting in the library sometime rather soon. Feel free to crosspost and promote this community to friends that don't have LJ (and those that do!)


Body Piercing

ok guys, here's the deal...

although operations were stalled for a bit because i had back surgery, things are back on track for my new piercing shop to open in the (hopefully very) near future.

im not here to advertise, though. i would like your input.

to anyone who has gotten a piercing at a professional studio or tattoo shop...

what can i do for you?
no, seriously.

what i am asked is for input as to what you guys look for in a place to recieve a piercing. besides being very clean, and experienced, and having low prices without having to compromise the quality of the jewelry, i want to know what little (or big) things you would like to see in a local shop.

what kind of jewelry would you like to be able to purchase?
would you like the option to schedule appointments on days we usually won't be open or after hours?
would you like the option to schedule a block of time for a group of friends to get pierced, possibly with a discount depending on the number of people pierced?
would you appreciate getting a discount card to get cheaper jewelry when it is time to change from your starter jewelry?
would you use the option of special orders?

what, if anything, made you feel uncomfortable about the shop you were getting pierced at or the person doing it?

do you have any suggestions to make your piercing experience better?

i obviously cant please everyone, but i would like to do as much as possible for my clients to feel comfortable with myself and my shop. i figured i would go directly to you guys, the consumer.

if you have the time to make any suggestions, or tell me about any merch or jewelry you would like to see sold in a piercing shop, let me know.

thanks a ton,

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Next Thursday (February 3rd) at 9PM will be our first meeting. In an attempt to boost attendance, we shall be making spaghetti. Our theme is "Instrumentals" - take it however you like.

If everyone could sign up to bring one or two of the following, that would be just super - I have noodles, sauce, parmesan cheese and the pot.

Garlic Bread
2lb Ground Chuck (Or 1 1/2 lb Ground Chuck and 1/2 lb Italian Sausage - this is preferred)
Paper plates/plastic forks

If there are any questions, drop me a line on AIM at Antler3649 or you can e-mail me at or even call me (248) 376-2021.

Invite all of your friends - here is a map of where my apartment is located, I am in Apartment number 7.


A Map Of Where I Live
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Tomorrow (Monday) at 8pm in room 121 in the Library will be our meeting to schedule other meetings. If you wish to partake in the Mix CD group, I strongly advise you to come to this meeting so we can schedule the other meetings to fit everyone's schedule for the semester. Hopefully there is a pretty good turnout - bring friends, family and colleagues.

Note: We will not be exchanging CDs at this meeting, and the manner in which we do exchange cds will be determined at a later date.

I hope everyone is there!